Yattendon Estate

Yattendon, Berkshire

Grown4Me at Yattendon Estates, are situated between Newbury and Reading in Berkshire. The varied farming and forestry interests of the estate include Christmas trees grown on a commercial scale. A keen pair of eyes can spot the Yattendon Christmas tree plantations when travelling between Newbury & Reading on the M4 motorway.

Yattendon Estates were one of the first producers of Christmas trees and originally supplied many of the wholesale fruit and veg markets nationwide. They have produced many varieties of trees over the years, but now concentrate on the production of Nordman Fir.

Christmas with Grown4Me at Yattendon is not to be missed! We have the largest and freshest range of Christmas trees to suit your requirements, offering great value and quality. All of our trees are homegrown and from sustainable stock.

The Life of a Real Christmas Tree

Every tree has a story that starts many years before it reaches your home. Learn how our growers care for your Grown4Me Christmas tree throughout its life.

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